Teachers Training & Documentation Cell

Dr. S. D. Deshpande


Team Members

  • Dr. S. M. Harle (Civil Engineering)
  • Dr. R. P. Sonar (Computer Science & Engineering)
  • Mr. M. W. Naseem  (Electrical Engineering )
  • Mr. K. G. Dhake ( Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)
  • Mr. M. A. Warankar (First Year Engineering)

The Cell shall be primarily responsible for keeping records of all academic, financial and administrative activities related with the College, AICTE, NAAC, NBA, DTE, SGBAU, SSS, PNS, SWD, VYWS and any other government agency. The Cell Coordinator shall coordinate the data collection (which includes any directions or notices received from different authorities like UGC, SGBAU, AICTE VYWS) by preparing and observing the prescribed schedules. The responsibilities & functions shall include (but not limited to) the followings:

1. To evolve and execute a mechanism for proper collection, storage and maintenance of relevant documents / notices / resolutions / records of meetings / SSRs related to students, faculty, equipments, building plans, examinations, results, scholarships etc. in the required formats.

2. To evolve and execute a mechanism for timely collection of the above record documents as and when required by various agencies like AICTE, NAAC, NBA, DTE, SGBAU, SSS, PNS, SWD VYWS etc. in the prescribed formats.

3. To devise and implement a mechanism for proper computerization of the relevant data and maintenance of the information required by various agencies like AICTE, NAAC, NBA, DTE, SGBAU, SSS, PNS, SWD VYWS etc. in the prescribed formats.

4. To develop an online mechanism for accumulating various types of resources from ICT Cell, including AICTE norms, Government of M.S. resolutions, DTE rules & regulations, SGBAU statutes/ordinances etc. required for effective administration.

5. To work out and execute any other activity related with IT-enabled solutions for the maintenance of the documents of the institute. The ultimate objective shall be to provide IT-enabled e-governance framework to make the document keeping work smooth and effective.

6. To evolve and execute a mechanism for teachers’ trainings need and initiate the activities for such trainings.

The Document Cell Coordinator and ICT Cell Coordinator shall work in coordination with other Cell Coordinators and HODs. The ICT Cell shall coordinate the Document Cell for the collection of documents by devising some mechanism (by the development of software or required form design as and when necessary)

Prof Dr. S. D. Deshpande is the cell coordinator and following are the members
a) Prof. Dr R.P.Sonar: representing CSE department
b) Prof Dr. S.M.Harle: representing Civil Engg. department
c) Prof. Manish Warankar: representing First Yr Engg. department
d) Prof. Wajahat Naseem: representing Electrical Engg. department
e) Prof K.G.Dhake: representing E & TC department

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