Research & Development / CIRF Cell



Team Members

  • Mr. A. B. Ugale (Civil Engineering)
  • Ms. M. G. Tingne (Computer Science & Engineering)
  • Mr. D. S. Chandak (Electrical & Electronics Engineering )
  • Mr. A. G. Kalbande ( Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)
  • Mr. S. N. Khan (First Year Engineering)

The Research & Development/CIRF Cell shall be responsible for research, design and development of new products or prototypes, analysis of competitive products mainly related with engineering & technology, acting as the Institutional Unit of VYWS’s Center India Research Foundation (CIRF). The responsibilities and functions shall include (but not limited to) the followings:

1. To devise and implement a mechanism for research and development activities to meet organizational needs and to capitalize on potential new product opportunities.

2. To devise and implement a mechanism for effective collaboration with the CIRF as one of the Institutional Units of CIRF; proactively involving for fulfillment of the mission of the Foundation.

3. To devise and implement a mechanism for publication of the research results, presenting the research results at appropriate forums/ conferences, training of the concerned in documentation and thesis preparation etc.

4. To devise and implement a mechanism for patenting of the products or innovations and securing the prototypes/processes/products under intellectual property rights.

5. To devise and implement a mechanism for organizing national/international level conferences/seminars/workshops both for the students and faculty.

The Research & Development/CIRF Cell Coordinator shall work in coordination with other Cell Coordinators and HODs. Further, he/she shall be responsible for suggesting budgetary provision for activities related to the Cell.

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