Public Relation & Social Media Cell

Dr. L.A.Ghadekar


Team Members

  • Mr. Aatif Syeed (Civil Engineering)
  • Mr. S. A. Deshmukh (Computer Science & Engineering)
  • Mr. G. M. Aware (Electrical Engineering )
  • Dr. P. G. Deshmukh ( Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)
  • Mr. Humayun Khan (First Year Engineering)

The Public Relations & Social Media Cell shall be primarily responsible for overall publicity, promotions, image building, and outreach and visibility enhancement of the institute. The responsibilities and functions shall include (but not limited to) the followings:

1. To work on long term policies and strategies for promotion of inter-linkages with all the stakeholders – Parents, Students, Faculties, Management, Employees and Industries.

2. To evolve and execute a process for creating MOU with local and regional agencies for awareness about Engineering education at large and the college in particular.

3. To evolve mechanism for visit of teachers/students from other entities to the college and also to work out the details of logistic support for such visitors.

4. To evolve mechanism for visit to junior colleges/polytechnics/coaching classes for awareness seminars/ workshop etc. of teachers/students and also to work out the details of logistic support for such visits.

5. To work out and execute the advertising, promotional and outreach activities for image building and for enhancing the visibility of the institute.

The Public Relation & Social Media Cell Coordinator shall work in coordination with other Cell Coordinators and HODs. Further, he/she shall be responsible for suggesting budgetary provision for activities related to the Cell.

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