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As a Participating Institute (PI), Prof Ram Meghe College of Engineering & Management (C-43184) registered with compulsorily five villages namely Rajura (Bhiltek), Dahigon (Dhawade), Anjangaon Bari, Bahilolpur and Madhan at on dated 11th May 2018.

The PI has completed their task of five village household and village survey. As per guideline of UBA, 10,000/- Rs for each village survey that mean 50,000/- Rs has been credited to college account. Out of 10 submission of technology, 3 customization technology of 50,000/- Rs each has been sanctioned from UBA team.

Sr. No.Project TitleVillage/s where it is to be ImplementedName of FacultyDate of credit the 50,000/- fund
1Crop Protection from wild animals around farms.Dahegaon (Dhawade)Prof A V Mohod26/07/2019
2Solar Assisted Automatic seed sowing aribot.MadhanProf Y P Khadse07/08/2019
3Tractor fuel Theft Detection SystemRajura (Bhiltek), Dahigon (Dhawade), Anjangaon Bari, Bahilolpur and MadhanProf M W Naseem 26/07/2019