Prevention of Caste Based Discrimination

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SC/ST/OBC Committee

SC/ST/OBC Committee Committee
1 Dr. M.S. Ali Principal Chairman
2 Mr. A.B. Ranit Faculty Coordinator Member
3 Dr. S.M. Harle Faculty Coordinator Member
4 Ms. S.A. Meshram Faculty Coordinator Member
5 Ms. P.R. Patil Faculty Coordinator Member
6 Mr. Sanjay Ramteke Non Teaching Coordinator Member
7 Mr. Ajay Lonare Non Teaching Coordinator Member
8 Mr. Pranik Nikose Students Representative Member
9 Ms. Amrapali Pakhale Students Representative Member


1 Mr. A. B. Ranit Coordinator
2 Dr. S.M. Harle Member (CIVIL)
3 Mrs. P.R. Patil Member (CSE)
4 Mr. C.R. Ingole Member (EE)
5 Mrs. S.A. Meshram Member (EXTC)
6 Mr. S.G. Thorat Member (FYBE)

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  • Action Taken Report to Prevent Caste based Discrimination for the year 2019-20