Student Activities

Individual Activity Report

  1. Workshop on Introduction to IoT and Hardware Boards
  2. Soft Skills Workshop
  3. Add on Course on Machine Learning
  4. Guest Lectureon Awareness about Startup funds and Entrepreneurship Development
  5. Guest Lectureon Career Guidance
  6. Library Orientation Programme
  7. Awareness on Career Katta
  8. Awareness on Campus Placement: An Opportunity for better career

Individual Activity Report

  1. Aptitude Add on Certificate Course
  2. Seminar on Career Counselling
  3. Word press workshop


Mr.Pratik Sambhe (Third Year IT) Won State Level gold medal In Inclined Bench Press and Strength Lifting




Student Mr. Sarthak ulhe (Second Year IT) created “NSS QR Code Gallery” for a college .The purpose of this QR code gallery was to assist people in need through a convenient and accessible solution.