Teachers Training & Documentation Cell

The Internship / Consultancy / Internal Resource Generation(IRG) Cell shall be responsible for establishing a problem solving environment for addressing the engineering and technological challenges. The cell shall act as a facilitator to the industry in particular and society at large to identify, analyze the problems and design, develop or suggest appropriate solutions that are technically, financially and operationally feasible. The responsibilities and functions shall include (but not limited to) the followings:

1. To devise and implement a mechanism for consultancy activities to meet the regional industry/business needs and to capitalize on potential new consultancy opportunities.

2. To devise and implement a mechanism for effective collaboration with the industry or business entities to identify their problems and provide appropriate solutions.

3. To devise and implement a mechanism for technical training and orientation of the institutes’ faculty for consultancy. To arrange workshops for faculty for enhancement of skills in publication of the consultancy solutions.

4. To devise and implement a mechanism to make the Consultancy work web-enabled or app-enabled. To publicize the consultancy activities with internet enabled consulting services.

5. To devise and implement a mechanism for organizing regional level awareness programs for industry and business houses and publicize the institutes’ technical expertise in relevant fields.

6. To promote consultancy and innovation culture among faculty and students.

7. To act as a facilitating center in providing assistance for the faculty members in communicating with the external agencies.

8. Motivate the students and the faculty of the college, to update the knowledge which leads to further investigation and progress and to give a hand to the industries in their product development.

9. To interact with R&D organization and institute and promote Creation of collaborative labs /testing centre at College.

10. To advocate and recommend purchases of labs and equipments having potential to generate consultancy.

11. Evaluate and assess business project proposals having potential to generate additional revenue for the college.

Consultancy services shall include but not limited to:

1. Academic Content development (Online/Offline)

2. Guest Lectures/ Expert Talks

3.Workshops / Seminars/ Training Programs with/without assistant from commercial/ industrial organization.

4. Book/Monograph publications, Patents Commercialization

5. S/w development/upgradations/Maintenance

6. Design & developments, Calibrations/ Installation /Maintenance of labs and equipments

7. Lending any sort of professional services

The Internship / Consultancy / Internal Resource Generation(IRG) Cell shall work in coordination with other Cell coordinators and HODs. Further, he/she shall be responsible for suggesting budgetary provisions for activities related to the cell.