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Prof Ram Meghe College of Engineering and Management is one of the premier constituents of the Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society engaged in fulfilling the vision and mission of the Society. PRMCEAM is a place where student is the first and foremost. As a service provider, we are committed to make our students comfortable in their learning endeavor. The unstinting goal is to build the image of this college as a unique place for engineering pedagogy that focuses equally on mind and personality of the students. With this vision and mission, the institute has initiated the quality awareness programme in 2016 by making functional an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). IQAC monitors the enhancement and improvement of quality in terms of teaching-learning, consultancy and research & development of institute and to get accredited on quality prospects. The IQAC has become a part of the institution system and it works towards realization of the goals of quality enhancement and enrichment. IQAC of PRMCEAM has obtained memberships of professional bodies like ‘Quality Circle Forum of India’ and ‘Quality Council of India’.

Being the IQAC Coordinator, through this report, I would like to request you to get acquainted with IQAC and also like to invite you for providing time to time suggestions with respect to quality improvement of the institute for improving academics, infrastructure, research & all related work which would be helpful for creating quality environment and to work in coherence with statement of our IQAC “Quest for Excellence”.


Dr. K. A. Dongre

IQAC Coordinator

S.N. Name Designation- Department IQAC Designation
1 Dr. M. S. Ali Principal, PRMCEAM IQAC-Chairperson
2 Hon. Adv. U.S.Deshmukh Vice-President, VYWS IQAC- Member Management Representative
3 Prof. P.V.Khandve Head- Department of Civil Engineering Ex-Officio Member
4 Dr. D.G.Harkut Head, Department of Computer Science Engineering Ex-Officio Member
5 Prof. A.V.Mohod Head, Department of Electrical Engineering Ex-Officio Member
6 Dr. K.N.Kasat Head, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Ex-Officio Member
7 Dr. P.A.Khodke Head, Department of Information Technology Ex-Officio Member
8 Dr.A.V.Kadu Head, Department of First Year Engineering Ex-Officio Member
9 Dr. S.B.Mohod Dean, PG Studies Ex-Officio Member
10 Dr. M.M.Bais Dean Academics Ex-Officio Member
11 Prof. R.S.Ingalkar Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering IQAC – Member
12 Prof. S.A. Shah Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science Engineering IQAC – Member
13 Prof. B.H.Band Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering IQAC – Member
14 Prof. V.P.Kharkar Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering IQAC – Member
15 Dr. A.P.Bhagat Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology IQAC – Member
16 Prof. A.P. Bahale Assistant Professor, Department of First Year Engineering IQAC – Member
17 Prof. P.P.Potey Assistant Professor, Workshop Superintendent IQAC – Member
18 Prof.M.M.Janolkar Assistant Professor, Department of First Year Engineering IQAC – Member
19 Mr. Yuvraj Sune Alumni, PRMCEAM IQAC – Member
20 Mr. Yogesh Rane Director, Starka Innovative Systems Pvt. Ltd, Amravati IQAC – Member
21 Mr. Keshav K. Daga Director, Plasti Surge Ind. Pvt. Ltd MIDC Amravati IQAC – Member
22 Dr. Avinash Sawaji Director, Prayas Sewankur (NGO), Amravati IQAC – Member
23 Mr. Amol Doifode, Director, Sthapatya Consultant private limited IQAC – Member
24 Mr. Kiran Khakare Student , PRMCEAM IQAC – Member
25 Mr. Ashok T. Wasnik Parent IQAC – Member
26 Mr. Sagar Chandak Deputy Finance officer, PRMCEAM IQAC – Member
27 Dr. K.A.Dongre Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering IQAC- Coordinator