First Year Engineering


To become a centre of excellence in First Year Engineering education, by providing the standard academics that connects knowledge, practice and research.


To foster First year Engineering students by providing a continuously improving academic environment that promotes advancement of engineering knowledge, both in creation and dissemination.

– Department Profile –

  1. 22 Faculty and 10 Faculty pursuing PhD
  2. Highly qualified faculty with average experience of 10 Years
  3. All Post Graduate Faculties out of which seven are pursuing Ph.D. and Four have completed
  4. Department has specialized faculties for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.

 – Best Practices –

  • Faculty Advisor , Group Advisors
  • Virtual Laboratory Facility
  • University Services at department
  • Conduction of content beyond syllabus
  • Individual setup for each student in laboratory
  • Conduction of tutorial classes as per university scheme
  • Conduction of Make-up classes for slow learners.
  • Question banks for every theory and practical subject
  • Conduction of tests for all semesters
  • Counseling of student every Saturday
  • Parents meet once in every semester
  • Conduction of Guest lecture for personality development as well as carrier development of student
First Year Engg Building PRMCEAM

Result Toppers Academic Year: 2016-17

Result Toppers AcademicYear: 2015-16

Result Toppers AcademicYear: 2014-15


University Result

Academic Year Semester College Rank @ SGBAU Name of Topper student Percetage/CGPA University/College Topper
2009-10 First RANK III Ms. GituGidwani 81% College Topper
Second RANK III Mr. Naved Yasser 88% University Topper
2010-11 First RANK III Mr. AnandDeshmukh 83% College Topper
Second RANK II Mr. SumedhPatane 81.83% University Topper
2011-12 First RANK II Ms. PayalPeraspure 82% University Topper
Second RANK III Ms. ShubhamParmer 81% College Topper
2012-13 First RANK III Ms. AkanshaShetiye 9.38 College Topper
Second RANK III Ms. Shreya Pitale 70.67% College Topper
2013-14 First RANK II Mr.DeepakGaglani 9.79 College Topper
Second RANK I Ms. ShivaniGulhane 9.76 University Topper
2014-15 First RANK II Ms. KishoriPokale 9.76 University Topper
Second RANK III Ms. KishoriPokale 9.64 University Topper
2015-16 First RANK III Mr. AnkushSabale 9.67 College Topper
Second RANK III Ms. KalyaniNakat 10 University Topper
2016-17 First RANK III Ms. MonaliDarokar 9.67 College Topper
Second RANK II Ms. Afrin Bharkat Khan 9.28 College Topper
2017-18 First Ms. Purva Lonkar 9.84 College Topper
First Mr. Mandar Dhake 9.80 College Topper



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