Electronics and telecommunications engineering is a modern engineering discipline that deals with designing, fabricating, producing, testing and supervising the manufacturing process of complex electronic products and systems.

The world has become smaller thanks to Electronics and Telecommunication. Just a few decades ago, it would have seemed impossible for one to communicate with someone halfway across the world in real-time, that too at an affordable price, but here we are. Today, we can not only talk but actually video chat with someone halfway across the world free of cost. Electronics is the backbone of digital technology.

The leaps and bounds growth we are seeing in technology and quality of life has huge contributions from Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. Electronics & Telecommunication has become part of our daily life in the form of computers, laptops, mobile phones, television, digital watches, ATM card, internet banking, microwave oven, agriculture, telemedicine, automation and many more digital gadgets, and communication systems. To meet the demand of the ever-hungry consumer market and the ushering in new and advanced technology, there will be always a huge need for Electronics and Telecommunication engineers.

It is unquestionably a promising growth driven domain. With adequate knowledge and competent abilities students avail a wide range of job opportunities in top national and multinational companies, Armed Forces, DRDO, Central, State government & Public Enterprises viz. AIR, BSNL, MTNL, Non-Government Telecom & Cellular companies etc. The world today runs on electronics and Telecommunications. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering have become an indispensable component of almost every domain. As all-encompassing domain, this field has also penetrated areas like IoT, Robotics, Mechatronics, Instrumentation, Healthcare, Automation etc. The 5G enabled future world is promising exciting career opportunities for young minds pursuing Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering as careers.