Enrollment & ExaminationCell

The Enrollments & Examination Cell shall be responsible for all the affairs related to students enrollment, concerning all types of internal and external evaluations including theory and practical examinations. The Enrollments & Examination Cell Coordinator shall coordinate the institute’s curricular activities with examinations by preparing exam calendar. The responsibilities and functions shall include (but not limited to) the followings.

1. To devise and implement a suitable mechanism for proper conduction of all types of examinations like unit tests, common tests, university theory & practical examinations.

2. To prepare, publish and execute the institutes’ academic calendar, examination calendar, mid-term feedback schedule, end-semester feedback schedule at the beginning of the academic session.

3. To evolve and implement a mechanism for quality checks in academics, teaching learning processes, evaluation systems, carry out the quality analysis and suggest the measures for quality improvement.

4. To evolve and implement a mechanism for internal marks collection and submission to the university as required for the examination results.

5. To work out and execute the student feedbacks about academics, courses and examinations of the institute. To carry out the result analysis and make suggestions for improvement.

The Enrollment & Examination Cell Coordinator shall work in coordination with other Cell Coordinators and HODs. Further, he shall be responsible for suggesting budgetary provision for activities related to the Cell.