DBT & Student Welfare Cell

Dr. K. A. Dongre


Team Members

  • Mr. A.B. Ranit (Civil Engineering)
  • Mr. P.S. Mohod (Computer Science & Engineering)
  • Mr. G.M. Aware (Electrical & Electronics Engineering )
  • Ms. S.A. Meshram ( Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)
  • Dr. S. G. Ibrahim (First Year Engineering)

The DBT & Student Welfare Cell shall be responsible for all the affairs related to the students Welfare like Students Council, Student’s Magazine, Students Anti-Ragging Cell and Students welfare. The responsibilities and functions shall include (but not limited to) the followings.

1. To devise and implement a mechanism for the proper formation of Students Council and scheduling the meetings/activities etc.

2. To devise and implement a mechanism for publishing students annual magazine.

3. To devise and implement the mechanism for the redressal of students grievances including ragging/women harassment.

4. To work out and execute any other activity related with the students not covered under other cells but amenable to the student’s interest. The ultimate objective shall be to provide a student-friendly safe and secure environment.

The DBT & Student Welfare Cell Coordinator shall work in coordination with other Cell Coordinators and HODs. Further, he shall be responsible for suggesting budgetary provision for activities related to the Cell.