Prof Ram Meghe College of Engineering and Management, Badnera-Amravati

Department of Civil Engineering

Facilities Available

  1. Classrooms well equipped with modern teaching aids.
  2. Tutorial rooms.
  3. Laboratories with the state of the art facilities.
  4. Universal Testing Machine with 100 Tones capacity and computerized system.
  5. Compression Testing Machine with 200 Tones capacity and Digital system.
  6. Tri-axial Shear Test with digital system.
  7. Tilting flume with manometer attachment.
  8. BOD incubator.
  9. COD Digester.
  10. Total Station.
  11. Spectrophotometer for water analysis.
  12. Reading room.
  13. Girl’s common room.
  14. Boy’s common room.
  15. Medical room facility.
  16. Material Testing facilities.
  17. Bus facilities for girls.


Best Practices

  1. Faculty Advisor, Group Advisor
  2. University services at Department.
  3. Conduction of content beyond syllabus.
  4. Individual set up for each student in laboratory.
  5. Conduction of tutorial classes as per university scheme.
  6. Conduction of make-up classes for slow learners.
  7. Question banks for every theory and practical subject.
  8. Conduction of tests for all semesters.
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