Academics & E-Learning Cell

The Academics & e-Learning Cell shall be responsible to establish and maintain collegial work climate, cooperatively leading the academic unit towards improved productivity and relevancy, ensuring the academic integrity and curricular coherence of all programs embraced within it. The responsibilities and functions shall include (but not limited to) the followings

The roles and responsibility of the Academic Cell shall be to-

1. Formulate the draft policies for the academic matters like preparation of academic calendar, student’s attendance, teaching-learning process evaluation, student’s feedback, students’ internal assessment and any other matters related to the academics and students.

2. Approve the institutes’ Academic Calendar with reference to the university prescribed academic calendar.

3. Approve the schedules and activities proposed by the member cells i.e. enrollments, examinations, training, placement, extracurricular activities, games & sports.

4. Maintain uniformity in scheduling and implementing various academic activities as regards to the academic calendar, time table, theory & lab conduction, submissions and assessment, etc.

5. Maintain uniformity in various cells directly related with the students as regards to the academics, enrollments, examinations, training, placement, extracurricular activities, games & sports etc.

Academic Calendar: The academic activities of the Institute shall be regulated by Academic Calendar prepared by the Examinations & Quality Assurance Cell and approved by the Academics Committee. It shall be made available to the students / Faculty members and all other concerned in printed/ electronics form. It is mandatory for Students / Faculty to strictly adhere to the academic calendar.

The Academics & e-Learning Cell shall work in coordination with other Cell coordinators and HODs. Further, he/she shall be responsible for suggesting budgetary provisions for activities related to the cell.