Principal's Message

I am pleased to welcome you to this virtual tour of the PRM College of Engineering & Management (PRM-CEAM). PRM-CEAM is a place where student is first and foremost. As a service provider, we are committed to make our students comfortable in their learning endeavor. We do not teach different courses than others, we do teach the courses differently.

As the Principal my unstinting goal is to build the image of this college as a great college of engineering … A unique place for engineering education that focuses equally on both mind and personality of the students. I know, I am an engineer by training and a teacher by profession. With my experience of an engineering teacher for more than two decades I fully understand what it needs to shape an aspirant into a proficient engineer. And with the mission of nurturing responsible techno-citizens I have a focused vision for this institute to make it a center of excellence for technical education.

With this vision and mission we will continue to rise well above the norm through an outstanding faculty, focused first and foremost on students, as well as through a growing portfolio of high quality research & development both in the field of Engineering and Technology. We will continue to nourish engineers to be this century’s well-rounded leaders in technology and innovation. We will continue to make the engineering degree a special key to doorways of great opportunities through PRM-CEAM .

If you are considering PRM-CEAM, come to see the difference.
If you are aspiring to become a professional, join PRM-CEAM to feel the difference.
If you are a student of PRM-CEAM, need I say more? You are the difference!